Advising Info

The “New” (2020-2021) BA is Out

See more information here.  The degree program is also covered in the 2020-2021 undergraduate catalog.

Summer and Fall 2020 Advising

Time to sign-up for Spring 2020 Advising Appointments.

Follow this algorithm:

  • if (you == May 2020 Graduation Candidate)
    • We don’t need to meet (unless you just want to catch up).
  • else if ((you == Aug 2020 Graduation Candidate || you == Dec 2020 Graduation Candidate) && (you.know(exactly what classes you need to complete your degree))
    • You do not need to sign up for an advising appointment
    • Send me the list of classes you think you need to complete your degree requirements via EMail (NOT Slack)
    • It is your responsibility to double check all of the degree requirements and UC requirements to ensure you’ve completed them or will have completed them based on the courses you plan to take next semester.
    • If you have questions, you’re more than welcome to sign up for an advising appointment.
  • else
    • Go to to sign up for an advising appointment.
    • To prepare for the meeting:
      • Look at the classes being offered via My.SMU and prepare a list of candidates
      • Prepare any questions you have about degree progress
      • Check your UC Requirements

Forms and Links:

Degree Plans and Catalog:


Accelerated Pathway (Formerly, the 4+1 Program)

  • 4+1 Flowchart – When and how you can enroll in courses (Spring 2018 and after)
  • Declare certain classes as Dual Credit between Bachelors and Masters degree
  • Declare certain classes as Graduate Only for masters degree (but taken while undergrad)


Past Info:

For past advising things, see the history linked here.