MdSDE Expo Information

Check back often! I’ll be updating this page as details for the Expo firm up. 

Expo Booklet Project Abstract and Team Bio

We’ll be producing a 2016 Senior Design Expo Booklet.  Each team from the expo will be covered in one page of the booklet.  From each team, we need the following information:

  • Team Name
  • Project Title
  • Project Overview – A paragraph explaining what your project was about or attempting to achieve
  • Name of Sponsor (including sponsoring organization if applicable)
  • A brief 2 – 3 sentence about each team member. Incorporate the following:
    • Name
    • Major
    • Areas of interest in your field or role on the team
    • What your plans are after graduation if you’re graduating in May

An example can be found here.  Note that this is a rough draft for the purposes of content, not for the purposes of layout.  I just need the info and will incorporate it into the expo booklet.

Information for Poster Creation

Final Poster Submissions:

General Comments on the Poster Drafts can be found here.

Posters must be submitted via email to Prof. Fontenot ( no later than 5pm on April 22.

  • If you’re in ME, EE, or CSE Senior Design, please submit your poster via Canvas.
  • If you’re in EMIS or CEE, please email a pdf of your poster to me at by 5pm on Friday, April 22.

Poster Templates:

Here are two Templates in PowerPoint.  They contain some suggestions, so make sure to read them.

Example Posters:

These are just a few found on the Internet.  Each have their own strengths and weaknesses.  But this will give you some ideas.