CS 3200 – Database Design – Fall 2022

Important Documents

Lecture Notes

Homework Assignments

  • HW 00
  • HW 01 – Due Sept 20 @ 11:59pm. 
  • HW 02 – Due Oct 4 @ 11:59pm to GradeScope. 
    • (GradeScope Setup forthcoming…)
  • HW 03
  • HW 04
  • HW 05
  • HW 06

Semester Project

  • More to come on this soon.  Stay Tuned

SQLite is a small-footprint embedded database system.  Below are some resources to help you understand it better. 

  • The Textbooks (and a ton of other useful material) can be accessed through the University Library Website.
    1. Go to https://library.northeastern.edu
    2. Click on Databases and Journals (A-Z).
    3. On the left side or under A-Z Databases, click ‘O’ for O’Reilly.
    4. The first link under O is “O’Reilly for Higher Education”.  Click it.  You may need to make an account on O’Reilly using your NEU email. 
    5. Once you’re logged in, you can search for the “CS 3200 – Fall 2022” Playlist or follow > this < link. 

Important: Only have MySQL Running when you’re actively using it.  Don’t leave it running in the background as this could pose a security risk.  To stop the server, choose the MySQL line in the list and click stop

XAMPP on Mac

Note: You can remove the previous version of XAMPP if you’ve already installed it. 

  1. Go to > this < link and download the file named xampp-osx- (NOT the one that ends in -vm.)
  2. Install the application. 
  3. After installation is complete, you should have a XAMPP folder in your Applications folder. In that folder, double click manager-osx.app. You may need to authenticate for it to fully start.
  4. In the Window that pops up, choose Manage Servers tab at the top. 
  5. Click the MySQL Database entry then click Start.  It will take a bit for it to start.  The red dot will first transition to yellow.  When it is completely started, the dot will become green.  
    • If the dot goes from red to yellow to red, send me a DM on slack.