About Me

Welcome!  My name is Mark Fontenot.  I’m a Clinical Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering at SMU.  I also serve as a faculty academic adviser for declared computer science and computer engineering students.  I serve on several committees at SMU such as the Undergraduate Program Committee in the CSE Department and the Campus-wide Student Affairs Council.

I’ve been at SMU since 2001.  During that time, I’ve been a full-time grad student, adjunct faculty member, full time faculty member, faculty-in-residence (Founding Faculty-in-Residence of Loyd Residential Commons), and part-time graduate student.  I hold a BS and MS degree in Computer Science from McNeese State University and SMU, respectively and a PhD in Applied Science from SMU.  My research interests are in engineering education with a focus on innovativeness and innovative work behavior of undergraduate students.

I have a wide range of interests including:

  • Higher education
  • Secondary education and its impact on college student’s success
  • Out-of-classroom teaching and learning in a university
  • Engineering education and pedagogy
  • Innovation and creativity education
  • Computer science education
  • Database systems and data management
  • Classical piano and organ performance

When not crunching numbers, I am assistant organist (former principal organist) for St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in Plano, TX. I’ve been working for St. Mark’s since September 2001, but have been a liturgical musician (piano, organ, voice) since I was 15.