Everyone wants to be innovative, right? Well, maybe I shouldn’t speak for everyone in the world.  However, there are a number of institutions (schools, universities, think tanks, etc.) that want to make more people more innovative.  What does that really mean, though?  Is it even possible to make people more innovative? To what extent do external factors play a role in an individuals ability to be innovative?  Are there personality traits that are tied to innovativeness which aren’t very malleable?

When we think about the education of future engineers, software designers and developers, and technologists, how good of a job are we doing at creating “innovators”? I say “we” because I have been one of those educators since 2003.  In order to know if we’re doing any good, we need to be able to measure “it”. While we probably can’t appreciably change someone’s personality once they’re in college, we can very likely encourage the development of behaviors and skills that are know to be associated with innovativeness.  Measuring some of those behaviors at the undergraduate level is the crux of my research in engineering education.


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