CS 3353 – Spring 2021

Important Handouts

  • Syllabus
    • Note that the schedule of topics was updated to reflect the updated semester calendar due to inclement weather in February.

Lecture Notes

Lecture note slide-decks will be updated as we cover more material.

Take Home Final Exam

Programming Projects

  1. Fill the Walls (Handout is the Slide Deck)
    • Github Assignment Link for repository creation.
    • You should have the option to create a new Team or join one that already exists.  Coordinate with your partner if you are doing this in teams of 2.
  2. Sorting Analysis
  3. Community Detection
  4. Its a Race… Prim and Kruskal MST

Homework Assignments

  • HW 01 – Due Mar 3 @ 6am.
  • HW 02 – Due Mar 5 @ 6am.


Good Reference Materials