CSE 3330 – Spring 2015

Administrative Info:

Homework Assignments:

Course Project Information:

  • Project Handout
  • Functional Specification Doc Template
    • Read the details in the first tab on how to “submit” for review
    • Note: For the Initial submission of this document, you need to have the following Tabs filled out completely (this doesn’t mean they can’t change in the future):
      • Cover Sheet
      • System Actors
      • Story Summaries
      • Story Details
      • Data Model (first pass)
      • Data Model Verification
      • Prof Jackson may require a couple additional tabs. Stay tuned for this.
  • Mini Collab Homework

Topics and Links:

Database Design and MySQL Online Resources:

  • SMU Library has some great electronic resources.  However, it is challenging to provide links because accessing them is different on campus than off campus.  So, I’m going to provide a reference to them.  You’ll have to search at smu.edu/cul to be able to download/access them.
    • Charles Bell. Expert MySQL, 2nd edition.  Apress, 2012.  Available through the SpringerLink collection.
    • Marc Rockhind. Expert PHP and MySQL: Application Design and Development. Apress, 2013. Available through the SpringerLink Collection.
    • Clare Churcher. Beginning Database Design: From Novice to Professional. Apress 2012.  Available through SpringerLink.
    • Peter Lake & Paul Crowther. Concise Guide to Databases: A Practical Introduction. Springer, 2013. Available through SpringerLink


  • Slides – Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
  • Also see the books in the MySQL section above related to PHP.  There are quite a few other free resources (good books, not trash) available through the SMU Central University Library digital offerings.
  • Some references to peruse (these are IMHO, not blessed by any organization):
  • Another Books
    • Adrian W. West. Practical PHP and MySQL Web Site Databases: A Simplified Approach.  Available through SpringerLink.

Relational Database Design: