Tips for Making a GitHub Profile Look More Professional

When you link to specific GitHub profiles from your resume, you want to make sure that you’re showing good work as well as good working practices. Remember: GitHub is not just a glorified DropBox (or choose your favorite other cloud storage provider) for Source Code. So, I wanted to pass along a few tips to help you take some of your larger project repos to the next level. Remember, everything doesn’t have to be 100% perfect. Nearly every project is some version of a work-in-progress.

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Setting Up Your GitHub Profile

A logo for GitHub

As you prepare for a job search, it is important that you put your best self out there for the world (and potential employers) to see. One of your most visible public faces is your GitHub profile. This is important whether your studying computer … [Continue reading]

Using the Khoury Office Hours App

In large-enrollment classes, managing the queue of students waiting for office hours help can be a struggle for the TAs, especially for virtual office hours. Additionally, students want to know where they are in the queue so they can estimate wait … [Continue reading]

Gearing Up for Spring 22 Data Structures

Happy New Year!  I hope your winter break has been restful and relaxing! I've gotten a few requests from folks about how to prepare for CS 2341.  So I thought I'd provide a list of things to review before class starts: C++ Language Pass by … [Continue reading]

Adding Timeout to Github Actions

To add a timeout to a Github Actions Workflow, add the timeout-minutes to the workflow YAML file.  See the red box in the image below for where to add it.  Once you save, commit, and push that change to your repo, let your TA know and they will … [Continue reading]

Old Python2 Code Causing you a Headache? Convert Python3 Automagically!

Do you have some Python 2 code hanging around?  Found some example code for exactly what you're trying to do, but it is written in Python2?  Python 2 has been sunset for a while now.  But converting your Python2 to Python3 can be a pain.  Well, did … [Continue reading]

What are the gcc system include paths?

The #include preprocessor directive in c++ is one of the first things that people learn. They come in two varieties: #include<> - usually meant for system-level includes such as iostream or other headers from libraries installed at the … [Continue reading]

Customizing CLion

Clion Logo

Some folks get a lot of enjoyment out of tweaking the UI of a piece of software.  In an IDE like CLion, the color scheme used for the code editor is highly customizable.  If you'd like to explore the settings and/or find a new theme for CLion or just … [Continue reading]

Docker and MySQL

Containers are all the rage, and Docker is the container engine of choice these days.  So, I wanted to provide this tutorial for setting up a MySQL server instance in a Docker container. … [Continue reading]

Spring 2019 Help Desk Schedule

The Spring 2019 Help Desk Schedule... … [Continue reading]