Spring 2018 Data Structures Prep

It is no secret that CSE 2341 - Data Structures - is a very demanding course.   The course requires a great deal of dedication and perseverance.  I have received a few requests about what to do over winter break in terms of review and prep.  This … [Continue reading]

Gearing Up for a taste of Data Science

Here are some things to do to gear up for getting a taste of Data Science in CSE 3330. Download and install R. You can download it from this link Download and install RStudio from this link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the … [Continue reading]

SMU in Weimar 2017 Info

Some important/useful information for our amazing study-abroad trip this summer: SMU-in-Germany,2017 Student Handbook_3.30.16 SMU in Germany Orientation Meeting #1,2017 How to Order Train Tickets in Germany Travel Info Spreadsheet … [Continue reading]

Binary Trees and Binary Search Trees

Trees are a very important data structure, especially binary trees and its variants.  Please watch the videos linked below to get up to speed on Trees, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees. Data Structures: Introduction to Trees Data Structures: … [Continue reading]

More on Linked Lists in C++

Linked lists can be tricky some times.  Here are some additional resources as you're working through understanding them. Youtube Videos: Data Structures: Linked Lists in C++ by ReelLearning (Singly Linked Lists) For Singly Linked Lists … [Continue reading]

Learning SQL

For those new to it, SQL can be difficult initially to wrap your head around.  One of the reasons is because it requires a different type of thinking from other languages like Java, Python, or C. You have to learn to think in sets (remember all those … [Continue reading]

B+ Trees

B+ Trees are very efficient search tree data structures that are related to binary search trees.  They are particularly useful in indexing situations where the entire data set cannot fit into main memory at one time.  Each node in a B+ Tree contains … [Continue reading]

Binary Trees

Binary trees are a very fundamental data structure in computer science.  As you continue to learn and explore in different sub-domains of CS, you'll see them pop up quite frequently.  Here are some things you should Binary Trees and their … [Continue reading]

Lists, Stacks, and Queues

Lists, stacks, and queues are some of the most fundamental data structures to computer science.  Below are some links to information you may find helpful as you explore these data structures: Shaffer's book, Data Structures and Algorithm … [Continue reading]

C++ and Catch – Adding your Own Main Method

When you begin coding on a project, it is perfectly acceptable and even advisable to allow the Catch library to generate the main method for you.  That is what the #define CATCH_CONFIG_MAIN (very first line in the tests.cpp file)  directive tells … [Continue reading]