CSE 3330 – Spring 2016

Database Concepts

Important Info

  • Syllabus
  • Intro Slides
  • What you need for the class:
    • No Textbooks (YAY!)
    • A reasonably modern laptop
      • Windows-based laptop or surface running Windows 8 or 10 (preferable)
      • Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro running Yosemite or higher
      • Linux-based Laptop running a Debian-based version of the OS (preferable) – Other versions of Linux OK – but you’re on your own as far as setup
      • At least 4GB of Ram, so you can run a virtual machine
      • You’ll need to install (minimally) VirtualBox and Vagrant
    • During the semester (I’ll tell you when), you’ll need to get an Amazon Web Services Account so that you can access the AWS Free Tier services. More on this to come….

Handouts & Links


Various slide decks and handouts have contained problems at the end of them.  Consider this the homework.

SQL Homework Assignment and Skeleton SQL File