Database Concepts (SMU)

Database Concepts (CSE 3330) covers foundational relational database theory and concepts including SQL, relational algebra, database design, and normalization.  In addition, the course introduces students to back-end software development.  Students learn to implement a REST API using modern tools and frameworks such as Node.js, Amazon Web Services, and containerization.

In the lab component, students from Database Concepts are teamed up with students from the User Interface Design course (CSE 3345) to build a MVP or prototype for a software system of their own design.  During the the first half of the semester, the teams are taken through an iterative design process adapted from the SCRUM methodology to flesh out the requirements in the form of epics and user stories for their product.  During the remainder of the semester, each team plays the role of product owner for their idea as well as implementation team for the software system of another team.  This gives students a glimpse into having to satisfy the requirements for a software product that they didn’t write themselves.

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