CSE 2341 – Spring 2016

Data Structures – Spring 2016

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Semester Project Info:

  • Handout
  • Parsing Demo Sign-up
    • Sign up for a time to demo the parsing time of your project (Note: this isn’t required)
    • In the demo, you’ll need to be able to show the following
      • You can start the program with a clear index (or the index is able to be cleared)
      • You can parse the entire Wikibooks Data Set.  You can start with the original xml file, or you can start with the original file broken up into smaller files.  However, there can be no other preprocessing done on the xml pages.
      • You can use either the AVL tree index or the hash table index, but you don’t have to have both implemented already.
      • You can return a list of page IDs, page titles or something similar for a particular word that Prof Fontenot will give you when you walk in.  The result set doesn’t need to be ordered in any particular fashion; you just need to be able to display it in a reasonable format.
      • The steps above can more-or-less be hardcoded. You don’t need to have a menu driven system yet.
    • Here’s a link to some rough pseudocode for the demo’s main driver.  Yours can be substantially more robust than this if you’d like.

Homework Assignments: