CSE 1342 – Summer 2014

Welcome to CSE 1342 for the 2014 Summer I session.  I hope you’re ready to learn some C++.  Below are some important links and info.  Check them out.

  • The Syllabus
  • Check out O’Reilly Safari and get a subscription (you’ll only need it for one month).  We’ll use some e-books from this service rather than purchasing text books.
  • Fill out the Doodle Poll to find a first meeting time.


  • Accept Piazza invite!
  • I’ll be using blog posts on this site tagged as 1342su14.  You can use the tag cloud (rather small at this point) on the right side of the screen as the posts will be tagged that way.  OR you can follow this link to see only the posts tagged for this class: https://markfontenot.net/tag/1342su14/.