Past Advising Info

Past Info:

Spring 2020 Advising

Time to sign-up for Spring 2020 advising appointments.

  • If you are graduating in December 2019,
    • we don’t need to meet
  • If you’re graduating in May 2020 and you know exactly what courses you need to take to fulfill your degree requirements, you can send me that course list in an email or via Slack to verify.
    • You do not need to sign up for an advising appointment.
    • It is your responsibility to double check all of the degree requirements and UC requirements to ensure you’ve completed them or will have completed them based on the courses you plan to take next semester.
    • If you have questions, you’re more than welcome to sign up for an advising appointment.
  • Else
    To sign up for an advising appointment, go here.

    • Come PREPARED!  Meetings are only 15 minutes this semester because of the number of students I advise.  Bring with you:
      • a printed (physical, on paper) copy of your DPR.  How to get to a PDF of your DPR can be found here. Don’t worry about the DPR Summary Report.
      • A list of classes that you intend to take in the Spring 2020 semester and/or JTerm.