The New BA in Comp Sci at SMU

Last Fall, the Department of Computer Science faculty overhauled the Bachelor or Art in Computer Science degree program.  One notable highlight of the updated program include adding tracks in AI/ML, Data Engineering, Cyber Security, Software Engineering and Research.  You can also pursue the General Track, which allows you to take a breadth of upper-division technical electives of your choosing.  Each track requires 9-credit hours of upper-division CS technical electives.

Overall, the degree program was reduced from over 70 hours to 59 hours.  This makes it more feasible to double major in computer science and any of the other great majors on campus.

The degree program will officially appear in the 2020-2021 SMU University Catalog that will be published sometime later this spring or during summer 2020.  However, if you’re interested in the requirements, take a look at the handout linked below.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Fontenot (

2020-2021 BA in Computer Science Program Overview