Java Review for CSE 1342

Before taking off across the pond this summer, you might be inclined to do a bit of review (or more than a bit depending on your background) of Java so that we can hit the ground running.  Here are some resources to help you engage in that review.  What I’m mostly concerned with is your ability to “think algorithmically.”  You should understand and be able to use the basic control structures (loops, conditionals, etc) in Java to think about how you’d solve a problem.  If you don’t remember the detail of the syntax, that’s OK.  You should also be comfortable with functions and methods, including taking a problem and breaking it down into functions.

  • Introduction to Programming Using Java, 7th Ed by David Eck
    • Eck has been producing a great book for years.  You should check out the material in chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7.
    • Some of this might be really familiar.  Other parts might not be so much.  If you never saw the topic in CSE 1341, don’t worry about it.  If you’re wondering if you need to know something specifically, drop me an email.
  • Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials on Youtube
    • This is a Playlist of 87 videos.  NO, you don’t need to watch every one.  You certainly don’t need to watch any of the videos after # 50.  They’re broken down into very specific topics and each video is probably < 10 minutes.  Watch the ones you need to watch; ignore the others.  Also, all of the topics aren’t really pertinent.  You don’t need to watch anything related to GUIs in Java.
  • Introduction to Java Programming on YouTube