Software Dev Practicum – Spring 2023

Meeting Notes

Jan 11

  • Sign up for O’Reilly for Higher Education through Northeastern Libraries
  • Take a look at the public-apis Awesome List on GitHub to use as inspiration for what kind of interactive app you might want to build in these first few weeks of the term.
  • On O’Reilly – search for React – The Complete Guide (Includes Hooks, React Router, and Redux) – Second Edition by Academind / Maximilian Schwarzmuller.
    • Full disclosure, I haven’t watched the entirety of this course, but I’ve watched some other content from Schwarzmuller and was pretty impressed.
    • You’ll be able to watch some of the videos on 1.5x speed…
    • Goal: Try and make it through Chapter 8 ASAP. Chapter 8 is a Complete Project Walkthrough that you will probably be able to use as a boilerplate for your API getting started project.

For next week:

  1. Try and watch as much of that course above as possible.
  2. Download and install JetBrains DataGrip. We’ll use this for the Database stuff.

Jan 18

Databases & SQL Crash Course – Part 1