Mobile Developers in Demand

This great article from the WSJ indicates that there is a serious lack of developer talent in the mobile space.  Perhaps my experience is not typical, but most people I know seem to be stuck like glue to their mobile device (whether or not it is every actually used as a cell phone, if it even ever has that capability).

Mobile application design and development isn’t going away anytime soon.  Is this the new “garage developer” idea?  How many schools have begun teaching mobile development?  I don’t have any numbers, but I would be willing to bet that it isn’t as many as should be teaching this material.  But this brings up an interesting thought:  Can college ever teach you everything you need to know?  Clearly the answer is NO!  So, where’s the balance?  When do we begin to expect that students will take it upon themselves to start learning something like this?  I know some that have and that experience of personal education (for lack of a better phrase) coupled with the new skills have tended to pay of quite nicely.


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