Turning kids off to computer science

I just read this article that renewed a sense of urgency in me.  Bottom line: we need more students to major in computer science.  So many devices (and even just ordinary “things”) have microprocessors in them, and each one needs software written for it.  As we probably all know, software isn’t just big programs with massive amounts of brand recognition such as Windows, OS X, or even Linux.  Software is everywhere.

There are some indications that we are on a uptick of computer science majors.  See this article for some more information.  But we need more.  How do we get kiddos excited about pursuing a major such as computer science?  My opinion is that we need more support for amazing teachers.  Often, students fondest memories are very closely associated with the person that delivered the material, information, ideas, etc.  There is very often a connection between the deliverer of info and the info itself that makes an impact on people.  Students can see passion in their teachers (or they can see the lack of passion).  The spark has to be lit before college; we can’t do it all here.



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