Learning SQL

For those new to it, SQL can be difficult initially to wrap your head around.  One of the reasons is because it requires a different type of thinking from other languages like Java, Python, or C. You have to learn to think in sets (remember all those Venn diagrams from various places throughout school?). You can’t think in typical control structures like conditionals and loops.  To help you out with learning SQL, here are a few tutorials and websites you might want to check out.

  • SQL Zoo (sqlzoo.net)
    • This is an interactive SQL tutorial.  You actually type in or modify queries, see the results, and are told if the results are correct.
  • MySQL Tutorial – Basics – (mysqltutorial.org/basic-mysql-tutorial.aspx)
    • This tutorial focuses on MySQL’s flavor of SQL.  It also includes setting up a MySQL DB server, installing a sample database.
    • It is really thorough, but easy to read.
    • MySQL Tutorial also includes interactive coding to help you learn.
  • Mode Analytics’ SQL Tutorial (https://community.modeanalytics.com/sql/tutorial/introduction-to-sql/)
    • Mode Analytics looks like an amazing tool for analytics that I just stumbled across.  The link above is to a freely available tutorial that is on their website.
    • It uses some real data from the Census Bureau
    • You can type in queries after making an account as you follow along with the tutorial.

Happy SQLing!

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